Welcome to Love Yoga.

My name is Randalle Love. I began practicing yoga in 2013.  In January 2014, I completed my yoga teacher training. While attending and teaching classes at various studios, I noticed a disturbing pattern.  The classes in my area were expensive, which led to a major lack of diversity in regard to the people involved. This felt wrong to me because I believe yoga is for everybody and every body.

That’s why, when I opened my own studio, Love Yoga, in March of 2014.  My prices are at least half of what the other studios were charging.  I also provide a well-rounded, diverse group of people an experience that just doesn’t exist elsewhere yet.  I knew I wanted my yoga studio to be accessible for as many people as is humanly possible, but I also knew that the overhead costs for a yoga studio can be steep. So, I decided to teach all the classes myself. This kept class prices low and ensured that everyone who attends one of my classes, gets the individual attention and care they deserve.

It’s important to me to make the classroom environment at Love Yoga as laid back as it can be. It’s a non-judgemental environment and everyone is welcome and wanted. The people who attend classes at Love Yoga have a wide array of different skill levels, so no matter your level of experience, you can feel comfortable here. In every class, I offer variations of each pose, catering to different skill levels in order to accommodate students of all abilities. The lighting in-studio is kept low, creating a soothing, no-pressure zone for our yoga practice.

I would love to have you in a class. Contact the studio to book a class or browse our class descriptions to find what’s best for you.