What To Bring To Your First Yoga Class

So you’ve signed up for your first yoga class here at Love Yoga. Wahoo! We’re so excited to have you join us. We hope you’re looking forward to learning and experiencing the practice of yoga with us. If this is your first time doing yoga in general, we know that participating in a group class can be intimidating the first time around. But we want to ensure you that you are in the company of friends.

Now that you’ve signed up, you are most likely wondering what you need to bring with you during your class session. Well, we’re glad you’ve found your way to this blog because it is here that you will find a list of items to bring along with you when you come to the Love Yoga studio for your class. While not much equipment is required during a typical yoga class (and if so, specific items will be provided by the studio), there are some things to remember as you pack your bag before making your way over. Before you hop into the car, make sure you are prepared with the following yoga class must-haves.

Come To Your Yoga Classes Prepared

Water Bottle
As with any fitness class you participate in, a water bottle is essential. While you may not be running, lifting weights, or dripping sweat, you’re still experiencing a full-body workout, and maintaining hydrated is important. Pack a big reusable water bottle with you before coming to the studio, and be sure to drink it before, during, and after the class. Think of it as replenishing your body for the workout it is receiving. If you want to take your hydration to the next level, pack a bottle of coconut water to drink and enjoy after the class is finished. Whether you sweat and got your heartrate up or not, staying hydrated is key to receiving the benefits that come with the yoga practice.

Comfortable Clothes
You will be moving and changing positions quite a bit throughout your yoga session, so coming to class wearing the appropriate attire will make you feel comfortable, especially if it is your first time. You’ll want to make sure that what you’re wearing allows you to move around easily, while still being supportive. If you feel most comfortable in a loose T-shirt and shorts, by all means, wear that. But keep in mind that as you move around, loose clothing will do the same. So make sure that you don’t have to constantly adjust what you’re wearing or worry that it isn’t covering what it should. Your attire should allow you to remain comfortable as you focus your mind on the yoga exercises and poses you’re doing.

Yoga Mat
Many yoga studios will have mats available for use if you don’t have one of your own or you forget yours at home. These mats are generally cleaned after every use. However, you may feel more comfortable using your own yoga mat. If you have one of your own, feel free to bring it with you to your session.

Although you won’t be doing a rigorous cardio workout, you may feel hungry after your yoga session. Be prepared for a wave of hunger by packing a small snack along, like a banana and almond butter, or a granola or protein bar. Perhaps you came to the studio right after work and were feeling hungry beforehand, or maybe you have an evening full of errands and activities after your class. Either way, you’ll thank yourself for packing a snack.

A Good Attitude
As you walk into to attend your first yoga class, you may feel a variety of emotions, ranging from excitement and curiosity to apprehensive and intimidation. It’s normal to feel these emotions when trying something new. However, when embarking on a new activity or fitness class, it is always beneficial to maintain a positive, receptive attitude. Have an open mind as you try a new class. Whether you like it or not, you will be thankful that you challenged yourself, and you may decide to come again.

Here at Love Yoga, we offer a variety of yoga classes. But what makes us unique is that we do not segregate our classes by skill level, but by the yoga exercise focus. If you’re thinking about learning and practicing a more tradition style of yoga, you will enjoy our Energizing Flow class. If you’re wanting to build strength and flexibility throughout your body, try our Strong, Flexible, & Balanced class. Take a look at the classes we offer and our schedule to see if one catches your eye. Whichever one you choose, we know you’ll experience an enjoyable and challenging yoga class. Give us a call if you have any questions about signing up. We’ll see you in the studio!