by Randalle Love at Love Yoga


Yoga Challeges

CHALLENGE YOURSELF TO PRACTICE DAILY! Yoga challenges are meant to push your limits, on a physical, mental and spiritual level. If it’s designed well, the specific routine of daily classes will strengthen and stretch your body as a whole, helping your body feel feather light, stronger with less difficulty.

I was challenged to do a Crow Pose to headstand pose, back to Crow then, Chaturanga Dandasana pose.

I come into the Crow Pose from standing, by squatting down and placing my hands flat on my mat about shoulder-width apart with the fingers spread wide. Now, I keep my hands and feet where they are but I lift my hips upward, bend my knees and lift my heels off the floor so just the balls of my feet are down. Then I have to lean my body forward, gazing at the front of the mat and then I lift my feet off the mat.

In this headstand pose, I support my body in a stable, upside down vertical position by balancing on the hands. As you watch, my body is held straight with my arms and legs fully extended, with my hands spaced roughly shoulder-width apart.

The Chaturanga Dandasana pose, also known as Low Plank, is a Yoga asana, in which I angle my body straight & parallel to the ground. There I am supported by my toes and palms, with my elbows at a right angle.

I think I nailed it! I enjoy completing the challenge requests that I receive.