The Different Types Of Yoga Classes

While it’s common knowledge that yoga exercises are beneficial for your entire body and mind, the waters get murky when it comes to deciding on what type of yoga to do. If you’re a beginner, walking into a yoga studio can be intimidating as it is. Mix that with the confusion of selecting which class to sign up for from the wide pool of options, and you’ll want to walk right out the door.

Yes, there are many different styles of yoga which incorporate different poses and breathing techniques to target certain areas on your body. From hot yoga to Bikram to yoga meditation, it’s easy to get confused when figuring out which beginner yoga classes you want to sign up for. But don’t let the confusion overwhelm you. Instead, follow along as we list out a few of the common yoga styles that are incorporated into common classes and offered at yoga studios. Next time you walk into a class, you’ll feel excited to unroll your yoga mat and get started.


In a Bikram yoga class, you’ll be in a heated room as the yoga instructor leads you through a series of 26 poses. This style of yoga is extremely popular, and was only created about 30 years ago by Bikram Choudhury. Since you’ll be in a very warm room, sweating as you’re make your way through the sequence of poses will occur, be sure to have a water bottle on hand. You’ll be needing it!

Hot Yoga

Bikram and hot yoga are essentially the same in the fact that you are doing yoga in an artificially heated room. However, in Bikram, you are to follow a specific sequence of poses, whereas in a hot yoga class, the poses deviate from the rigidity of Bikram. Again, be sure to bring water to sip on throughout the hot yoga class — you’ll be sweating hard.


During a vinyasa flow class, your yoga instructor will lead you through fluid poses that focus on your breathing as you transition through a variety of movements. If you get easily bored with routine yoga or exercising, vinyasa yoga is for you, as no two vinyasa classes are the same. You will focus on your breathing techniques as you increase your movement and strengthen your body.


Doesn’t the name just make you want to run to the nearest yoga studio and roll out your mat? Restorative yoga will help you relax and wind down, both physically and mentally. Different types of yoga equipment are incorporated into the sessions, like yoga blocks, blankets, and pillows, to help you focus on your body without exerting a lot of energy. If you need to stretch out some muscles and relax your mind after a stressful day, restorative yoga classes are your answer.


Hatha is basically the umbrella yoga style that encompasses all different forms of yoga, while focusing on the physical aspect of the exercise. If you’re looking for beginner yoga to try out, hatha is the way to go. You’ll experience a broad and classical approach to yoga poses, breathing, and postures.


This style of yoga is fairly new to the yoga game, being developed in 1997. While you will still experience the physical aspect of Anusara yoga, this specific form is focused more on experiencing the benefits yoga has on the mind and soul. It’s based on the belief that humans are intrinsically good. You’ll utilize yoga postures to open your hearts and calm your mind, while also getting a full body stretch.

These are just a few of the most common forms of yoga. Hopefully, this overview gave you the confidence to try out some of these yoga styles. Don’t hesitate to experience the mind and body effect of yoga. Learn more and schedule yoga classes at LoveYoga today.