How Not Sacrifice Your Yoga Practice This Holiday Season

With Thanksgiving behind us, we’re only a few weeks away from Christmas — it’ll be here before we know it! The holiday season is one of good cheer, great company, and delicious treats galore. Despite all the sugar and spice (and all that’s nice), it’s this season that tends to disrupt our exercise and yoga practice. Our busy schedules of holiday parties, work events, and our own holiday plans can put our yoga classes on the backburner.

While it’s not the end of the world to get off our fitness and yoga regime, there are ways to combat this. That’s what we’re going to be diving into in this blog post. How do you not forgo your yoga practice and get off of your fitness schedule with the holidays looming in front of us? You’re going to want to continue reading for some effective tips and tricks.

Don’t Get Off Of Your Yoga Class Schedule This Holiday Season

Whether you practice solely yoga, or you incorporate yoga classes within your fitness regime, there’s nothing worse than getting off schedule. Having a routine when it comes to any type of exercise makes it that much harder to jump back onto the bandwagon. So the question remains — how do you remain consistent even during the busy holiday season?

Limit The Amount Of Food You Consume
This is a really hard one to follow — we understand! But the truth is that you will feel better overall if you choose to be disciplined with what you eat during the holidays. That doesn’t mean you can’t indulge or treat yourself to the tasty baked goods and peppermint goodies that are all around you. But what that does mean is not eating everything that comes into your sight, and especially so if you’ve been eating a clean, healthy diet up until this point. Overeating a lot of rich, sugary foods will make you feel drained and tired, and you’ll most likely feel mentally foggy. In this state of mind, it is hard to muster the energy to get to the gym or to the yoga studio. When you treat yourself occasionally and at fun holiday gatherings, you’ll enjoy what you’re eating even more, and you won’t feel low-energy. You can get to your morning yoga class with no problem!

Structure Your Days
This one is really important if you have a busy schedule around the holidays. Maybe you have friends and family coming to visit, or maybe you’re planning a huge Christmas party. Either way, it’s easy to overbook yourself. Other activities and responsibilities take precedence, and before you know it, you haven’t been to a yoga class or to the gym in over a week. When you structure your schedule, on a weekly or even daily basis, you’ll be able to fit everything you need into your timeframe while still allowing time to get to the gym or to the yoga studio.

Squeeze In Some Yoga At Home In The Morning
If you haven’t had the time to sign up for a class or make it into the gym, don’t worry! There are still ways to make this a priority even at home. Wake up a little earlier on some weekdays to do yoga before your day begins. Take a yoga outside in the brisk air, or even just meditate. As long as you’re giving your mind and body space to unwind, you’ll be good. And once the hectic holiday season passes, you’ll be able to easily get back into the groove with no hiccups.

Sign Up for Weekly Yoga Classes
This point correlates with the one above. When you schedule your time out in advance, you’ll be able to prepare and get everything into your daily schedule. One great tip for not sacrificing your yoga practice is during the holidays is to sign up for yoga classes in advance. Once you’ve reserved a spot for yourself, you can put it on your schedule so you’ll remember and be prepared.

If you live in the Greeneville area and are looking for a yoga studio to practice yoga, don’t hesitate to check out Love Yoga. We offer a variety of yoga classes for everyone, no matter your skill level. During the busy holiday season, make your yoga practice a priority. We’ll see you in the studio!